We successfully completed the exhibition at FI Europe 2023!

Maghreb Pharma Expo 2024

Author:Farmasino Date:February-02-2024

Farmasino adheres to the localization development of Algeria.

It provides a one-stop solution for the local biopharmaceutical industry,from raw materials to registration documents,from production process to pharmaceutical achinery.In 2023,its cumulative exports exceeded 20 million US dollars.

Welcome to our booth for mutual benefit.

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  • Application Of Food Additives in Dairy Products
    Milk and its dairy products are rich in all kinds of nutrients needed by the human body, which is an ideal health food. However, to improve the production quality and production color of produced dairy products production, as well as the needs of anti-corrosion and processing technology, we often must add some food additives.
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  • Application of Food Additives in Beverages
    In order to meet the taste needs of consumers and improve the competitiveness of the beverage industry, food additives are usually added to the beverage to improve its sensory quality.
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